La espina que quiso ser flor...

Foto: Paco Villaltaweb_2017-02-28_espina_jerez_estreno_pacovillalta-7201Foto: Paco Villaltaweb_2017-02-28_espina_jerez_estreno_pacovillalta-7393Foto: Paco VillaltaFoto: Paco Villaltaweb_2017-02-28_espina_jerez_estreno_pacovillalta-7209Foto: Paco VillaltaFoto: Paco VillaltaFoto: Paco VillaltaFoto: Paco Villaltaweb_2017-02-28_espina_jerez_estreno_pacovillalta-7169web_2017-02-28_espina_jerez_estreno_pacovillalta-7228web_2017-02-28_espina_jerez_estreno_pacovillalta-7278
La espina que quiso ser flor...

Olga Pericet
  • Gira: 10 personas
  • Duración: 80 mins.
  • Estreno: 2017

With this show, Olga Pericet embarks upon a personal journey through dance based on memories, injuries and embraces from the past. Time caresses her as if it were a dream, blending the real with the surreal in a single space and time: her interior.

It is an artistic journey having a personal language that ventures into the unknown, based on her roots, sowing new flowers, creating a universe in which the feminine and the masculine, humour and the dramatic appear in equal parts, leading way to a meeting of lights and shadows of mankind. It fiercely questions, in the images stored away in the memory of a strange and not always complacent beauty, where the dark walks quietly and spills over in sporadic gusts, so as to finally discover the light.

A gallery of dramatic games where the woman remains in power in a miscellany of sculptures and transformations, where she lives, between the beautiful and the ugly, happiness and the bittersweet, restraint and the lewd, sensuality and, the hen and the horse, youth and decay, all framed musically within a mixture of songs and rhythms that move together, beating in one flamenco style and its opposite


Ficha Artística

Stage direction and dramaturgy: Carlota Ferrer
Artistic, choreographic and dance direction: Olga Pericet.
Assistant to the choreographic management and consulting: Marco Flores
Musical direction: Olga Pericet and Marco Flores
Musical composition: Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada
Sound space: Pablo Martín Jones
Singers: Jeromo Segura and Miguel Lavi
Guitarists: Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada
Special collaboration in dance and accompanying: Jesús Fernández
Illumination design: Gloria Montesinos A.a.i.
Sound design: Ángel Olalla
Wardrobe design: Ana López Cobos
Wardrobe creation: Gabi Besa
Scenography: Silvia de Marta
Graphic design: La playa
Photography: Paco Villalta
Executive production, distribution and management: Ana Carrasco (Peineta Producciones)
Production: Olga Pericet