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Manuel Liñán
  • On tour: 14 people
  • Running time: 80 mins.
  • Premiere: 2015


In one form or another, human beings inherently continue to be nomads. They are no longer solely motivated by the original demand for physical sustenance, but are also tending to other equally important needs, such as emotional needs.

With this production, Manuel Liñan offers a format consisting of three female dancers, three male dancers, three singers and two guitarists, with the purpose of creating a show where he may develop his work as choreographer, director and performer. Different worlds upon which the author himself relies, sometimes as choreographer, expressing his ideas from an exterior perspective, and other times as performer, he himself representing those ideas. Two sides which allow him to emotionally survive in his constant search.

"Nomad" is a collective journey, occasionally situated in different geographical areas, which frame Flamenco with different textures. Depending on their location, the song, dance and guitar enrich this art form with diverse styles and concepts, manifesting itself in different ways.
This group of artists enjoys searching, traveling, changing positions, physically and emotionally. Movement is a part of their lives as they look for new places where they can express their ideas, ideas upon which the author of the show feeds as choreographer and performer.

This show is therefore a dance for movement, a song for the immense tapestry in which we live, with all its infinite possibilities, and a special ode to the creative migration responsible for artistic and personal survival.



Direction, choreography & dance Manuel Liñán
Music Víctor Márquez "El Tomate" & Francisco Vinuesa
Dancers Anabel Moreno, Agueda Saavedra, Inmaculada Aranda, Adrián Santana, Jonatan Miró & Manuel Liñán
Singers Miguel Ortega, Miguel Lavi & David Carpio
Guitarists Víctor Márquez "El Tomate" & Francisco Vinuesa
Custome desing Yaiza Pinillos
Custome workshop Gabriel Besa
Bata de cola Manuel Amay flamenco
Manton Manuel Artesania textil (Sevilla)
Enrejados & Flecos Tamar González
Lighting design Olga García
Sound desing Kike Cabañas
Sound space Héctor González
Management & executive producer Ana Carrasco