Rosa Metal Ceniza

Foto: Javier FergoFoto: Javier FergoFoto: Javier FergoFoto: Javier FergoFoto: Javier FergoFoto: Javier Fergo
Rosa Metal Ceniza

Olga Pericet
  • On tour: 12 people
  • Running time: 75 mins.
  • Premiere: 2011


Olga Pericet, polyhedral dancer, subtle and committed has developed a career characterized because of its versatility: From the most traditional flamenco to the contemporary dance or the respectful dialogue, but nonconformist with the bolero school and the Spanish classics.

With her new soloist spectacle, Rosa, Metal y Ceniza, Pericet takes a step in her career and delves into the identity signals that have marked her trajectory: Technical requirement, versatility, estheticism, compromise with the dance and the flamenco.

This deepness is not in argued with a small mortal leap, with the necessity to step over unknown territories because only who gets lost on trodden paths can get to new places.



Art direction, choreography & dance Olga Pericet
Stage director David Montero
Musical director Olga Pericet, David Montero & Compañía
Production Olga Pericet
Original music Antonia Jiménez & Javier Patino
Musical arragement Arcadio Marín
Guitars Antonia Jiménez & Javier Patino
Singers Miguel Ortega, Miguel Lavis y Jose Angel Carmona
Claps Jesús Fernández
Special dancer collaboration Jesús Fernández y Francisco Villalta
Special choreography collaboration Marco Flores
Lighting design Gloria Montesinos
Sound desing Kike Seco
Custome desing Yaiza Pinillos
Custome workshop  Soledad Arenas y Gabriel Besa
Shoes Gallardo
Management & executive producer Ana Carrasco
Councilman and engineer David Cubells
Photography and graphic design Palero & Lambám for i-TEK.ES