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Manuel Liñán
  • On tour: 7 people
  • Running time: 75 mins.
  • Premiere: 2012

SYNERGY: the joint cooperation of various elements, which alone would not produce the same effect as the sum of their separate effects.

While listening to the echo of those ancient voices, I pondered the influence, evolution and richness that shape this art form: Flamenco. I came to realize the importance of the "whole," which fills a variety of different profiles, that others contribute to my emotions.

My intention in this journey is to emphasize that my scope of emotions is inhabited by yours, that my feelings have to do with yours, that a simple reaction may be provoked by your smile and the contributions that others have offered me, even those that we sometimes cannot see or are not aware that we need, have filled an inner part of myself, which alone would not have the same significance or the same COLOR.

For even the most hidden places of our own loneliness are full of emotions that others give us.



Direction, choreography & dance Manuel Liñán
Singers Miguel Ortega y David Carpio
Guitars Víctor Márquez “Tomate”
Music Víctor Márquez “Tomate” y Popular
Lighting design David Pérez
Sound Kike Cabañas
Management & executive producer Ana Carrasco